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Dan Snyder 2022 Offseason Recap

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

On January 9, 2022 the WFT won their season finale but since then Dan Snyder has had a VERY BUSY offseason, a quick review:

January 10: Peter King this morning: "I sincerely hope Daniel Snyder comes to his senses in 2022 and sells the franchise. It’s over, Dan. Or, rather, Mister Snyder"

February 2022

Feb. 2: Multiple former Washington employees speak Real Sports HBO regarding workplace misconduct: “Dan comes up behind me and puts his arm around my back,” Johnston said. “And he’s like, ‘Oh, hey. Why don’t you just get in my limo and then I’ll take you back to your car?’ He’s pushing me towards his limo."

Feb. 3: "I witnessed Dan Snyder grab the arm of my coworker Tiffani Johnston and attempt to pull her into his limousine," former team VP Jason Friedman wrote in a letter

Feb 3: When the NFL sees or reads the testimony in front of Congress today about Washington and Dan Snyder, I don't how they can rationalize not imposing further discipline. Sexual harassment not only operated below him, but he was a participant.

Feb 7: An original draft of the Beth Wilkinson report on the WFT investigation reportedly included a recommendation that the NFL “force the owner to divest his ownership of the team.”

Feb. 9: In sharp rebuke, NFL plans independent probe of sexual misconduct allegations against Daniel Snyder

Feb. 10: NFL tells Congress that Commanders are blocking access to documents from workplace probe

Feb. 13: Mike Florio says for the first time ever "there is a sense among ownership, that the time has come for Dan Snyder to move on."

March 2022

March 15: Commanders’ efforts to build new stadium hitting roadblocks over financing, sexual harassment investigation

March 23: Commanders to lose their Bud Light sponsorship: “I had a bunch of league sources reach out to me to explain how big of a deal it was for the Commanders to lose their Bud Light sponsorship”

March 30: Alex Smith to Rich Eisen: Front-office dysfunction in Washington impacted the play on the field. "It's been flawed the last 20 years. There's a lot of stuff going on there, a lot of distractions. And it makes it difficult to focus in on on the football."

March 31: Congress is now ALSO investigating allegations of financial improprieties under Dan Snyder's ownership of the Commanders

April 2022

April 12: The House Oversight Committee tells the Federal Trade Commission that the Commanders and Daniel Snyder “may have engaged in a troubling, long-running, and potentially unlawful pattern of financial conduct."

April 12: "I've never had one person ever defend Dan Snyder. It's like everybody f**kin' hates the guy" @PatMcAfeeShow

April 14: As the allegations keep coming against Dan Snyder it’s easy to ask if he will lose the Commanders. Right or wrong, that seems unlikely. What looks harder and harder is finding politicians that want to build Snyder a new stadium.

April 16: JUST IN: The trio of attorney generals for Maryland, Virginia, and D.C. are exploring the allegations against the Washington Commanders. They’re focusing on testimony that the team withheld as much as $5M in deposits from fans as potential consumer fraud.

April 25: Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares has confirmed that his office is also conducting an official inquiry into the NFL's Washington Commanders and owner Dan Snyder following a House investigation into the team's financial actions.

April 25: D.C. Attorney General Karl A. Racine says his office is investigating a variety of allegations against the Commanders and owner Daniel Snyder.

May 2022

May 5: According to data obtained from Nielsen, only 29% of adults in the D.C. television market call themselves Commanders fans. That’s a gigantic drop from 2004 when 51% said they were fans.

May 20: “He’s the worst owner in sports, as a team steward and as a person & it’s not even close…Snyder’s team is perennially awful. He’s fostered a culture of toxic misogyny at team headquarters & is under investigation himself for sexual harassment”

May 21: “We are counting votes,” the team owner said..By “counting votes,” the message is clear: Some would support an ouster forcing Snyder to sell his franchise..It would take 24 votes – 3/4 of the NFL’s ownership membership – to pass a measure to oust Snyder”

May 26: Haymaker here from Petersen: "The irony is would this (getting funding for a new stadium in VA) be easier to do with an expansion team? The answer might be yes."

May 31: New stadium would be an estimated 55,000 seats, the smallest in the NFL (and slightly smaller than RFK)

June 2022

June 9: Virginia pulls bill for Commanders stadium funding

June 9: RFK site for new stadium dead due to City Council opposition

June 11: “Now, however, standing next to Snyder at a groundbreaking ceremony could be a political liability, and both Republicans and Democrats have rushed to distance themselves from the owner over the past month."

June 18: Daniel Snyder proves why taxpayers should not help build his stadium, the Editorial Board writes.

June 21: A woman who worked for Commanders accused Dan Snyder of sexually assaulting her in 2009, months before Snyder and the team agreed to pay her $1.6 million as part of a confidential settlement

June 22: Dan Snyder conducted 'shadow investigation' to discredit employees, perceived enemies amid NFL probe. Via his lawyers, he sought derogatory info & emails re Bruce Allen to portray him as source of toxic workplace culture.

June 22: "There are plenty of people within the league who are embarrassed by the nonstop reports & allegations surrounding the Commanders"

June 23: Page 177 of David Pauke’s deposition… related to pouring milk on the carpet under the seating in Mark Lerner’s suite so the suite would smell like sour milk on game day. “I did it because Dan [Snyder] told me to do it.”

June 23: From the congressional testimony records: Former COO David Pauken alleges that Dan Snyder brought what he assumed were prostitutes on a Final Four trip.

July 2022

July 2: Dan Snyder accuses the Washington Post of going out of its way "to assail his character."

July 19: Washington 31 out of 32 @NFL teams in ticket revenue

July 26: House Oversight Committee files Notice of Deposition for Daniel Snyder despite impasse. Per the Notice, the deposition will take place over Zoom at 8 am on Thursday.

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